Increased Efficacy. Enhanced Security. Unlimited Opportunities.

Virtual Care Management

Our Virtual Care Management (VCM) solution improves data visibility between in-person office visits and enables continuous monitoring of patients. Our platform offers proactive interactions and interventions to keep patients healthy.

Chronic Care + At-Risk Patient Management

Virtual Care Management provides patient communication, health monitoring, reporting, and nursing support tools to ensure the safety of your at-risk patients.

Prior Authorization Management

Leverage all available claims and clinical, financial, and socioeconomic data. Apply AI to guarantee that all conditional authorization requirements are met. Enhance your data to ensure appropriate patient info. is collected and utilized.

Clinical Study Management

Are you running a clinical trial? Our platform enables you to virtually enroll participants in your study, monitor their progress, communicate with them, and report on any cohort metrics.

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM)

RTM provides remote monitoring and management of therapy services, including the monitoring of general medicine categories including musculoskeletal status and medication therapy adherence and response.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Our platform continuously collects patient health data from wearable and smart devices in the patient’s home and uses detailed predictive analytics to maintain the health of at-risk patients.

Telehealth + Concierge Medicine

Facilitate face-to-face patient interactions so you can hear directly from the patient and get a visual on their progress or health concerns, while keeping them safe and comfortable at home.

HIPAA-Compliant Communications

Offer any combination of secure texting, phone calls, video chats, or instant messaging to encourage active participation based on your patients’ preferences.

Virtual Care Management

Increased Efficacy.  Enhanced Security.  Unlimited Opportunities.

Our VCM platform combines the data and analytics that healthcare providers desire with the safety and peace of mind that patients seek. Additionally, our platform enhances the patient encounter between traditional office visits.

  • Licensed RN and LPN care managers trained in motivational interviewing to improve engagement
  • Active Data Collection
  • Adherence to clinical care plans
  • Remote physiologic monitoring
  • Critical indicators of clinical status
  • Automated alerts to show gaps in care and proactive interventions
  • Escalation of care to prevent ER visits and hospital readmissions
  • Seamless workflow integration
  • Physician-validated care pathways fueled by technology
  • History and physical, medication reconciliation, assessments, and discharge planning
  • Post-discharge patient outreach and support
  • After hours patient support
  • Scalable call center model
  • Accessible on any internet-connected device (Bluetooth and cellular)
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