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Rapid COVID-19 Tests

Rapid COVID Tests from Industry Leaders for Same Day Results

Rapid covid-19 tests

At-Home Antigen Tests

iHealth® Home Test

(2 Tests)

Flowflex™ Home Test

(Single Test)

CareStart™ Home Test

(2 Tests)

Rapid covid-19 Tests

Point-of-Care Antigen + Antibody Tests

Indicaid™ Rapid Test

(Box of 25)

Status™ COVID-19/Flu A&B Rapid Test

(Box of 25)

Spera™ Rapid Test

(Box of 10)

Sienna™ Rapid Test

(Box of 25)

FaStep® Rapid Test

(Box of 20)

RightSign™ Rapid Test

(Box 20)

Other infectious diseases

Rapid Tests

Quidel QuickVue®
RSV Test

(Box of 20)

Status™ Flu A&B (ONLY) Rapid Test

(Box of 20)

Status™ Strep A Test

(Box of 30)

Direct connect

Your Reliable Resource for COVID-19 Testing Solutions

Direct Connect is a leader in providing and administering COVID-19 Antibody and Antigen Rapid Tests in partnership with labs and online service providers.

With capacity to provide test services to individuals, businesses, schools, and events, Direct Connect can additionally report results and store them.

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