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Copan Oropharyngeal FLOQSwabs®
Flocked Oropharyngeal swabs

Copan Oropharyngeal FLOQSwabs®

Copan FLOQSwabs® consist of a molded plastic applicator stick with a variable size and shape tip. The tip of the applicator is coated with short Nylon® fibers that are arranged in a perpendicular fashion. This flocked coating creates a thin absorbent layer that allows for quick sample uptake and elution of more than 90% of the sample.

Features and Benefits

Anatomically designed Copan FLOQSwabs® were developed out of an extensive collaboration with physicians and clinical microbiologists, and a tireless drive to optimize the efficiency of pre-analytical sample collection and transport. The results are optimized efficiency and reproducibility of the target analyte collection, enhanced flow dynamics and assay sensitivity, and expanded testing capabilities.

Clinical value
When paired with viral transport media for testing suspected cases of COVID-19 and other viral pathogens flocked swabs offer exceptional value and clinical outcomes to laboratories and point of care providers.

Rapid automatic elution
Quick sample uptake and elution of more than 90% of the sample. Quantitative measurable and consistent sample volume transfer from patient to test tube offering potential for improved test sensitivity.

Safe and convenient
Flocked swabs are sterile and individually wrapped.   

Flocked Oropharyngeal Swabs

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